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Who doesn't love summer vacation?
Enjoy the warm sun, sandy beach, and cool waters.
Go on a vacation with the Cocobi family for a summer holiday!

■ Exciting activities and water sports at the beach!
- Tube Racing : Let's go! Swim and race with mom and dad!
- Underwater Adventure : Dive into the ocean and save sea animals.
- Surfing Game : Surf on the waves. Don't fall off the wobbly surfing board!
- Sand Play : Mom and dad are buried in the sand. Tickle them and draw on their faces! Make sandcastles too!
- Baby Animal Rescue : Baby sea animals are stuck on the sandy beach. Help and guide them back into the ocean.

■ Discover special summer vacation experiences!
- Cocobi Hotel : Take a bubble bath and order room service.
- Local Market : Have fun at the local market and buy exotic fruits.
- Beach Ball : Play ball and hit the fruits. A monkey might try to block the ball!
- Shopping : Pick out cute outfits for Coco and Lobi.
- Food Truck : There are so many delicious choices. Order and make fresh juice, ice cream, and hotdogs.

■ About KIGLE
KIGLE creates fun games and educational apps for kids. We service free games for kids from 3 to 7 years old so kids of all ages can play and enjoy our kids' games.Our kids' games promote curiosity,creativity,memory, and concentration in children. KIGLE's free games also include popular characters like Pororo the Little Penguin,Tayo the Little Bus, and Robocar POLI.We create apps for children all around the world,hoping to provide kids with free games that will help them learn and play.

■ Hello Cocobi
Hello Cocobi is about a special dinosaur family.Coco is the brave older sister and Lobi is the little brother full of curiosity.Follow their special adventure on the dinosaur island.Coco and Lobi live with their mom and dad, and also with other dinosaur families on the island.Let's travel to the island of Cocobi where dinosaurs are living peacefully and happily together.The dinosaur characters and stories are for girls and for boys.There is a special dinosaur for everyone to love,even a T-Rex family!
■ Summer beach vacation games for kids with Cocobi full of fun free games!

The little dinosaurs' fun summer holiday on the beach!

Beachside Cocobi Hotel.
- Have a bubble bath and a massage at the Cocobi Hotel spa.The hungry dinosaurs want to eat! Choose the pasta,burger,chicken,or soup!

Shop for fruits at the local market with the little dinosaurs!
- There are instruments,souvenirs,and vegetables.But the dinosaurs must buy fruits to eat for a fruit party!

Monkey vs. Fruits! Hit the fruits with the beach ball!
- Gather bananas,mangoes,and coconuts to make fruit juice with a fun beach ball game.A monkey might try to hit the ball back!

The tube swimming competition
- Who will win the swimming game?Win first place to collect stickers!

Deep ocean underwater adventure
- Explore the ocean and help turtles and dolphins caught in nets.Watch out for electric eels and baby sharks.There is a mermaid and a giant whale too!

A wobbly surfing adventure
- Balance the surfing board on the wave.Who will be the best surfer?

Dance with awesome outfits
- The store has amazing clothes.Wear pineapple and octopus outfits, then it's dance party time!

Fun sand play with sandcastles
- Make and decorate cool sandcastles!
- Mom and dad are sleeping in the sand.Let's decorate them into a mermaid or a funny crab.

Cocobi Baby Sea Animal Rescue Team!
- Baby sea animals are stuck on the sand.Help them get back into the ocean!

"Something smells delicious!"
Choose a menu and cook on the food truck
- Juice,ice cream, hotdogs!There are so many snacks on the food truck!The little dinosaurs will love to eat them!

Play fun summer vacation games and collect stickers!
- Choose a background to decorate with stickers.Collect all the stickers and create your own Cocobi story!

- Fun games that kids can play on a summer holiday are waiting for you on the Cocobi Summer Vacation game for kids.It's filled with games kids love!

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