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Welcome to Cocobi Farm Town! Grow crops and take care of animals.
Experience the farm life with the Cocobi friends!

✔️ Enjoy Farming Activities
-Field: Plant potatoes, wheat, lettuce, and tomatoes. Help them grow quickly
-Orchard: Take care of the delicious fruits growing on the trees!

✔️ Care for Adorable Farm Animals
-Chicken: Clean the feathers in the dirty chicken coop.
-Cow: The hungry cow is mooing. Feed it hay and brush its fur.
-Bee: Catch the mites and protect the bees. Help bees collect honey from flowers!
-Sheep: Trim the sheep wool and make yarn.

✔️ Unique Games in Cocobi Farm Town
-Fishing with Grandpa: Catch big fish with the bait!
-Cocobi Shop: Sell farm products in the shop. Help customers fill their baskets.
-Uncle Sean's Delivery: Make delivery for customers. Help Uncle Sean find the way to the customer's house!
-Black's Restaurant: Cook pizza, hamburger, cake, and more. Prepare yummy dishes for customers.

■ About Kigle
Kigle's mission is to create the 'first playground for children all over the world' with creative content for children. We make interactive apps, videos, songs, and toys to spark children's creativity, imagination, and curiosity. In addition to our Cocobi apps, you can download and play other popular games such as Pororo, Tayo, and Robocar Poli.

■ Welcome to the Cocobi universe, where dinosaurs never became extinct! Cocobi is the fun compound name for brave Coco and cute Lobi! Play with the little dinosaurs and experience the world with various jobs, duties, and places.

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